One Membership With Unlimited Benefits

VITALL Engage™ is a monthly recurring membership that allows you continuous access and ongoing medical record management, so you have your complete health record - past, present, and future.


Bring everything together.

We equip you with your complete health information in one place. We track down years of medical information for you, in addition to any new health encounter that you may have. The VITALL team then organizes the information into a timeline so your doctor can see patterns and most recent records.

Track all your medications and health routines

Forgetfulness is listed as one of the top three reasons for non-adherence of medications. Research suggests up to 50% of patients with chronic conditions fail to take their medication as prescribed. We help ensure that our members never miss a dose, a blood sugar reading, or a daily physiotherapy routine.

Complete health history gathered from any health providers

Your appointment history, procedures, imaging, labs, emergency visits, and more are gathered and stored safely in one place so you can easily access them when you need them most.

Connect smart health & wearable devices that track your health.

With connections to over 300 smart health & wearable devices, your favourite smart watch or app works with VITALL to keep track of your real-time health data. You can share your data with your doctor to track health patterns.

See real-time data from your favourite app or trusted device

DICOM Image Viewer

View your MRI, Xray, ultrasound, CT scan and more right from the palm of your hand. Having access to these images for your doctor or specialist to view is critical for the best health outcomes from each appointment.

Lab Results

When managing a chronic illness, tracking your lab results is essential to map your health progress. VITALL allows you to compare your results from previous tests, to provide the whole history to your doctor or physician.

Emergency Visits

By preparing in advance, we help you equip your emergency medical team with the critical context they require to understand your complete health history. Preventing unnecessary complications like allergic reactions, or the use of inappropriate treatment for your unique health situation.

Share With Your Circle Of Care.

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VITALL Engage™ Pricing

Monthly or yearly membership that organizes your medical records all into one place. Available on both desktop and mobile, and connected to your smart health devices, VITALL Engage™ gives access to your complete health information anytime, anywhere.

One price, No Surprises

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member / month
Add Additional Members To Your Account For $49 Member / Monthly
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Complete Relevant Medical History From Your Healthcare Providers
Ongoing Records Acquisition, Organization & Management
Download Records Anytime Or Share Them With Your Circle Of Care
Digitize Your Existing Records For Display In Your Profile
Access Your Medical Information Wherever You Go

One price, No Surprises

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Add Additional Members To Your Account For Only $190 Member/ Annually
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Complete Relevant Medical History From Your HealthCare Providers
Ongoing Records Acquisition, Organization & Management
Download Records Anytime Or SHare Them With  Your Circle Of Care
Digitize Your Exisiting Records For Display In Your Profile
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How You Can Use VITALL Engage™

Managing Your Health
$49 / Billed Monthly or Annually

With the VITALL Engage membership, you can take control of your health by having your most critical health information at your fingertips. Monthly plans are just $49 and you can share your health information with your circle of care.

Caregiver $0 + $49 / Billed Monthly or Annually

Whether it’s for a family member or a friend, VITALL allows caregivers access to a consenting members account free of charge. Meaning you have critical health information to help make the best health decisions possible.

Family Membership $49 + $49 Billed Monthly or Annually

Nothing is more important than the health of your family. That's why VITALL has made it easy to manage the health information of your loved ones. Start with a personal membership for $49 / monthly and then add as many family members as you want for $49 / monthly per member.

Take Control Of Your Health Journey

We know how difficult it can be keeping track of your visits with multiple doctors and specialists. We are here to ensure that you have all the medical information you need to improve your health outcomes. Get started today with VITALL and talk to our health information specialists who can help.

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