Health management made easy

Right now, your health information is all over the place. Your family doctor, hospitals you’ve visited, that clinic from your vacation. No one has your total health picture. VITALL changes that. We bring all your health information to your fingertips.


Solutions for Individuals

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Your health information is perhaps your most critical asset. With VITALL, we gather all your medical records, past health history, and real-time health data into one app , giving you access to your complete health picture. Past and present.


Managing a chronic illness is complex. With many health professionals in your circle of care it can be challenging to keep everyone up to date. Give them historical & real-time health information so they can provide the best care for you. VITALL makes health information meaningful.


Managing the health of a loved one can be difficult. Whether it’s with a family member or as a caregiver, VITALL allows you to share health information with your circle of care. So it’s easy to stay on track with new appointments, medication prescriptions and health routines.


Nothing is more important than the health of your family. But between appointments, specialists and medications, it can be hard to keep the binder updated with the most recent encounter. VITALL changes this with a family health management plan that allows you to keep track and give access to critical health information for anyone in your family.

Medical Record Acquision

One of the most popular features about VITALL is our end-to-end medical record acquisition service. We work with your physician, lab centre and specialists to retrieve your health information for you. Saving hours of administration, organization and hassle. With VITALL, we handle it all.


Solutions for Organizations

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Get faster results, shorten underwriting sales cycles and improve productivity with VITALL's medical record acquisition services.


We provide medical evidence for insurance purposes. Whether it is cost containment, claims management, or underwriting our services expedite turn around time for organizations looking to improve their customer experience and lower labour costs. We provide our insurance solutions to US & Canada.

Healthcare Providers

Using VITALL Engage is the perfect tool to help your patients take ownership and accountability for their health. Our research suggests that with VITALL, physicians experienced an increase in patient engagement that lead to better health outcomes through medication and routine adherence.

Law Firms

A digital portal for firms to request medical records on behalf of a client. We provide a full medical record acquisition service meaning no doctor phone calls or follow ups required. Our service is cost effective, time saving and fully automated meaning you get what you need, as quickly as possible.

Medical Record Acquisition

Accessing medical records at scale is what we do best. Our technology is designed to be integrated into your existing systems for ease of use and allow for the quick transfer of medical records from any provider in North America.

Take control of your health journey

We know how difficult it can be keeping track of your visits with multiple doctors and specialists. We are here to ensure that you have all the medical information you need to improve your health outcomes. Get started today with VITALL and talk to our health information specialists who can help.

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