Reliable Features For Better Health Care

A personal health record from VITALL is an unparalleled health experience. We organize years of health information for you and display them in an accessible and usable format so you can view your activity, manage your medications, and work with your circle of care to make the choices that are best for you.


Health Record Management

VITALL Engage™ is a membership based, medical record management service that provides you with continuous access to your medical records, so you have your complete health record - past, present, and future - all in one place.

Digital Medical Records

Converting medical records into a digital file is expensive and time consuming, but critical. We receive records in all formats and use our technology to digitize your records into a PDF available for download, or drop them right into your VITALL Engage account.

Smart Health Connections

Connect your favourite apps and devices that track your health. VITALL enables you to connect your wearables, apps, and devices, and displays this data along with your health records, ensuring everything is in one place.

Organized Health Routines

Never miss a medication, a blood sugar reading, or your daily physiotherapy routine. Track and monitor your health routines all in one place, ensure your medication regimen is available to healthcare providers, and equip your caregivers to help you with medication adherence.

Emergency Readiness

As a VITALL Engage™ member, we ensure you are as prepared as possible for health emergencies. In case of emergency, your medical team will be equipped with access to your complete health record, diagnoses, medication list, and other necessary details to treat you appropriately and safely.


Medical Record Acquisition

VITALL Acquire™ is a complete medical record acquisition service to help organization request records from their healthcare providers. VITALL will work on your behalf with your healthcare provider and retrieve your records as quickly as possible.

Take Control Of Your Health Journey

We know how difficult it can be keeping track of your visits with multiple doctors and specialists. We are here to ensure that you have all the medical information you need to improve your health outcomes. Get started today with VITALL and talk to our health information specialists who can help.

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