About Us

VITALL is a medical records management company that supports individuals and organizations with accessing meaningful health information. We safely acquire, secure, and curate health information, empowering health journeys and enhancing medical readiness.

Our Purpose

We help improve care and outcomes by providing access to a patient’s real-time health data and consolidated medical records, where and when needed.

Our Solution to the Problem

The Problem

A patient's health information, including records, real-time data, and images, is not consolidated making access challenging and hindering efficient and effective decision-making by patients, providers, and caregivers, ultimately limiting the quality of care and outcomes.

The Solution

VITALL’s secure platform consolidates patient health information into interactive views for patients, practitioners, and caregivers. The platform provides comprehensive acquisition of records, imaging, data from smart health devices and smartphone scans, as well as automated record processing to extract and structure data using AI, and meaningful display of health information through intuitive applications.

Our values

VITALL is essential and comprehensive

Our name, VITALL, is derived from the joining of two words - vital (absolutely necessary or important; essential) and all (whole; complete; comprehensive). We believe an individual’s health information is essential and therefore should be as comprehensive as possible.


As experts in both technology and healthcare, we take data privacy and security very seriously.


People are our priority. We exist to help our clients take control of their health journey.


We challenge the status quo with interoperable technology solutions.


We ensure that our clients have access to their health information no matter where you are.


We push above and beyond expectations to achieve the highest quality results, taking pride in the work that is done, while seeking to continuously improve.

Security and Privacy at VITALL

Ensuring the security and privacy of our users and their data is our top priority. We adhere to leading security and privacy guidelines to ensure that your data remains confidential and is only used for its intended purpose.