Our people make all the difference

We are a medical records management company that exists to support individuals and organizations with the access they need to meaningful health information. We safely acquire, secure, and curate your health information, empowering your health journey and enhancing your medical readiness.

Our values

Essential and Comprehensive

Our name, VITALL, is derived from the joining of two words - vital (absolutely necessary or important; essential) and all (whole; complete; comprehensive). We believe an individual’s health information is essential and therefore should be as comprehensive as possible.

You can trust us.

As experts in both technology and healthcare, we take data privacy and security very seriously.

We empower you.

People are our priority. We exist to help our clients take control of their health journey.

We lead through innovation.

We challenge the status quo with interoperable technology solutions.

Wherever you are.

We ensure that you have access to your health information, no matter where you are in the world.


We bring all your health information to your fingertips.

Right now, your health information is all over the place. Your family doctor, hospitals you’ve visited, that clinic from your vacation. No one has your total health picture. VITALL changes that.

What is VITALL?

VITALL Engage™

A complete medical record management app to help organizations and individuals manage requests for records from start to finish. Requests can be for a single episode, a complete health history, or anything in between and VITALL handles the entire process.

VITALL Acquire™

A medical record acquisition service for individuals and organizations to request health records from any provider in North America. Our trusted Health Information Specialists securely gather and upload records in PDF format to user accounts.

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Take control of your health journey

We know how difficult it can be keeping track of your visits with multiple doctors and specialists. We are here to ensure that you have all the medical information you need to improve your health outcomes. Get started today with VITALL and talk to our health information specialists who can help.

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