Insights for Practitioners

VITALL Insight empowers practitioners with population level analysis of their patient group, enabling varied degrees of patient and chronic condition monitoring for those who need it most.

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Key Features of VITALL Insight™

VITALL empowers patients to generate real-time health information to create the most comprehensive and relevant view of their health status. This enables continuous monitoring of real-time insights into pre-defined physiological metrics of patients with specific conditions.

  • All stakeholders can access the data through patient consent
  • Data is displayed in a user-friendly app
  • Practitioners receive out-of-parameter alerts and optional daily, weekly, monthly reporting
  • Practitioners can access consolidated patient data and summaries to review detailed metrics as needed
  • Personalized parameter ranges, accounting for patient-specific monitoring
  • Extensive data insights captured for future analytics and personalized medicine
  • Actionable KPIs for community health assessment and care
  • Includes VITALL Engage (PHR) for patients to actively access and monitor their data
  • VITALL app handles consent and disclosure authorization