We Gather Medical Records For You

We acquire your health records for you quickly and securely. Our expert team of professional Health Information Specialists use the largest and most secure healthcare networks in North America to locate your health records for you. Make an account in our easy-to-use self serve portal to request your record.


VITALL Acquire™ For Organizations And Individuals


Full Service Record Management Solution.

Let VITALL handle all the work from start to finish. Our team of health informatics experts request medical records from healthcare sources, and return the records with speed and accuracy. VITALL integrates easily into your organizations processes and is a pay per use system used to collect thousands of records annually for insurance, legal, individuals, and health management care centres. Book a demonstration with us to see how we can work for you.
VITALL Acquire™ expedites the medical evidence gathering process for organizations and can also create medical summaries to speed up your decision making process. VITALL provides structure to your medical record evidence, saving you countless hours of efficiency.

We create comprehensive medical record summaries  

VITALL will handle the entire process and increase the speed to decision rate while freeing up your people to spend more time with your valuable clients. Start the conversation now and find out how VITALL can help.
  • Quick & highly accurate record structuring
  • Cut down manual review time to minutes
  • Can be customized to suit your specific use case

Need access to your medical records?

Do you need a past medical record and can’t manage to find it? Is your doctor delaying sending your health records to you or your specialist? Do you want a second opinion on a recent diagnosis? You’re in the right place.

By creating a VITALL account, you can make a simple record request and sit back while we do all the work. Connected to thousands of North American healthcare providers, VITALL tracks down your records quickly, securely and provides them for you in a downloadable PDF format.

Take control of your health journey

We know how difficult it can be keeping track of your visits with multiple doctors and specialists. We are here to ensure that you have all the medical information you need to improve your health outcomes. Get started today with VITALL and talk to our health information specialists who can help.

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