Finding a Diagnosis in Canada with Fragmented Health Information

“Failure to diagnose" is the terminology used by doctors to indicate when.....

Finding a Diagnosis in Canada with Fragmented Health Information


“Failure to diagnose" is the terminology used by doctors to indicate when a patient has a set of symptoms that have gone undiagnosed. Around the world, there are thousands of cases that remain undiagnosed. Often there isn’t a single answer, instead there may be a dozen possible answers. These patients struggle with chronic symptoms which do not link clearly to one specific medical diagnosis, making treatment and remedies challenging. Doctors become investigators, however, the symptoms themselves may be difficult to identify, or the originating bodily system causing the symptoms may not be clear. Furthermore, physical, social, and environmental factors may also play a role. This frustrating and stressful experience is shared by many people, too often.

Disparate Records

If you have an undiagnosed issue and are frustrated because your doctor has not been able to confirm a specific diagnosis it could be that a thorough review of your full health history has not been possible because your health information is not in one place. On average, the typical North American has records scattered throughout 7 different systems. If you have a chronic illness, this number jumps to an average of 16 different systems. This means your records all over the place and in many formats, including electronic documents, PDFs, image files and more.

A possible solution

Canada’s fragmented health care system does not facilitate seamless information sharing, nor does it have the larger capability for system-wide interoperability. How many times have you been asked your history, over and over again, at every health encounter? At VITALL, we believe this needs to STOP. 

VITALL is a concierge, membership service that consolidates your health information. We safely acquire, secure, and curate your health information, putting it in the palm of your hand; empowering your health journey and enhancing your medical emergency readiness.

With VITALL, you can trust us as experts in both technology and healthcare. We take data privacy and security as our top priority. We challenge the status quo with intraoperative technology solutions that are accessible globally 24/7, 365 days a year.

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