Remote Caregiving: How to Manage Your Parents’ Health from a Distance

Keeping up to date on how your aging parents are doing can be challenging

Remote Caregiving: How to Manage Your Parents’ Health from a Distance

Keeping up to date on how your aging parents are doing can be challenging, especially if you live in different cities. Getting in touch with their doctors, checking up on their appointments, and making sure prescriptions are filled, can become a full-time job in itself.

What our parents need

As our parents’ age, roles reverse and our once caregivers are now the ones we care for. While sometimes difficult, caregiving can be easier if you live in the same area as your parents. If you’re further away, however, managing their health and well-being can feel tricky, and often includes the detective work of tracking down busy healthcare practitioners and organizing and interpreting health records.

Especially for seniors, there is a greater likelihood of having multiple and overlapping chronic conditions, which means healthcare can become particularly complicated with excess data and multiple specialist appointments.

For distanced caregivers, the situation has only worsened with travel restrictions due to COVID-19, meaning that you may not be able to visit your parents regularly or return home for the holidays to support their health in person. Without knowing the full context and up to date details of your parents' health, it becomes difficult to track each appointment, medication change, and more. Emergency room visits, unfortunately, also increase with age.

Assisting from afar can become a lot to manage, and important information often slips through the cracks. Not being there in-person for your family during the uncertain times of a pandemic can inadvertently cause additional stress and strain.

Fortunately, there’s a better solution

VITALL is a secure health app that collects, organizes, and stores health information, so you and your parents’ circle of care (including specialists and ER doctors) can access medical records whenever and wherever they are required. With VITALL, you’re able to access all of your parents’ healthcare information in one place, making it easy to monitor their wellbeing from a distance. With our Caregiver and Family plans, you can access your parents’ important health information at the click of a button.

VITALL provides real-time data tracking from 250+ medical devices and fitness trackers, which can be added directly to the platform. As you add and sync your parents’ devices, you gain the ability to monitor their biometric and vital signs like heart rate, glucose levels, and blood pressure. These tools provide you with visibility into your parents’ daily health, even from afar.

Give yourself peace of mind and get help from VITALL when it comes to managing your caregiving duties. To learn more about VITALL’s features and plans, or to book time with one of our Personal Health Information Managers to learn more, please visit